Thrustmaster T150 Review: Our Thoughts & Findings

Racing wheels are now becoming popular with many gamers. It makes gaming much more fun and immersive by providing realistic effects to the users.

It undeniably elevates the gaming experience so many people like me are now willing to spend money for it.

If you’re new to sim racing games and are looking for the best entry-level racing wheel that is less expensive than higher-end builds but still gives the same high-quality performance, then you should definitely check out the Thrustmaster T150.

Thrustmaster has been a long-time participant in the industry of gaming wheels, it may not be always at the top of the heap, but it’s a name that’s well-known and respected.

Thrustmaster T150 is a gaming steering wheel that works with the PS3, PS4, and PC. You can use it to play many compatible games, including the Project Cars series, Dirt, and Gran Turismo.

ThrustMaster T150 - Steering Wheel & Pedal Set

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  • Works with PS5 games
  • Realistic wheel: Wheel rim is 11 inches/28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic design that’s suitable for all types of racing games
  • Up to 1080° wheel rotation, for optimal racing precision
  • The T150 comes with a 2-pedal pedal set that works efficiently in all circumstances
  • Responsive, precise and silent Force Feedback, thanks to the belt-pulley system in the racing wheel’s base


Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Wheel

The racing wheel’s base comes with a versatile attachment system. The wheel’s steering axis has a 1080° force feedback base featuring immersion touchsense technology which is a great technology drive system with adjustable force feedback that will make you feel every detail of the race you’re in.

The steering’s sole motor applies force to the wheel in a single axis, allowing it to rotate. Additionally, the adjustable force feedback lets the users have a smoother rotation, allowing you to move the steering wheel with the least amount of effort.

This affordable racing wheel’s responsiveness is also a vital feature, as it will pick up very accurate movements and provide quick force feedback. When steering, there is no noticeable delay because the onscreen action reacts instantly to every movement you make.

Very Precise Wheel

Thrustmaster T150’s steering wheel has an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all sim driving games. This very precise wheel has a 12-bit resolution optical reading and a rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°.

This steering wheel also has rubber-coated wheel grips, 2 large wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters, and built-in official buttons for PS4 which can be used to access social functions and navigate through the console’s menus. It also has a mixed belt pulley and gears system which is smoother, more fluid, and less noisy than helical gears. It also comes with a metal ball-bearing axle for enhanced sturdiness.

The T150 is a straightforward wheel that offers beginners an affordable and enjoyable experience. This may not be the ideal wheel for people who have become accustomed to more advanced features such as customizable settings or tactile pedals with many buttons because it is simpler than most other racing sims wheels available today. However, the force feedback is really good considering its price point.

Adjustable Brake Pedal

 The brake pedal has a progressive resistance and each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted which makes it a comfortable setup. The large pedal set is made of plastic and is delicate in nature, giving you a low-resistance sensation. Because the pedals are less resistant, you can switch between the accelerator and brakes repeatedly with little friction and a far faster reaction.

 This large optimized pedal set also has a wide foot rest. When compared to a higher-end pedal set, of course, this one feels basic and it is also a little too lightweight, but it is a decent pedal set considering its price.

Optimal Compatibility

This steering wheel was specifically designed for PlayStation 4 with official embedded software so it is automatically recognized by it. But you don’t have to worry if you have PlayStation 3 because it comes with a PS4/PS3 sliding switch.

Thrustmaster T150 is also compatible with PC. This steering wheel also includes internal memory and upgradeable firmware. To ensure that you have the latest firmware version, the Thrustmaster drivers can be easily downloaded on their website.

Metal Sequential Paddle Shifters

The wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters are entirely made of metal. This is similar to the paddle shifters found in premium wheel models. This ergonomic design enables great handling for a smoother and more distinct gear shifting.

The life cycle of these paddle shifters is incredible, and they have a tact switch. They also have a half-million activation capacity, so you’ll be able to use this switch for a long time. These shifters, like the rubber-coated wheel grips, are tactile and comfortable to use.

Pleasant Sound

One of the most essential aspects of the T150 Thrustmaster’s quality is the sound, or more accurately, the noise. Most racing wheels and gaming hardware makes an irritating noise when playing or when you move the steering or handle, but this is not a problem with T150.

There will be no humming or buzzing sounds when you play using this wheel. This means you can play at home with your family without worrying about them being disturbed. You can also use a headphone if you want to hear the audio from the game and race.


Given the wheel’s cheaper price, the force feedback works admirably in terms of comfort. In comparison to the T300RS, it looks that there were only little compromises made in terms of general feel and pleasantness.

When the force feedback kicks in, the round shape of the steering wheel feels very comfortable because you can let it glide back to its original position more easily. The plastic material used interferes with the softness of the rubber padding, this difference is noticeable but it never becomes uncomfortable.

Given the plastic finish, both pedals provide enough resistance, making them feel fairly natural. Comfort is easily achievable because you can adjust its inclination. Of course, the pedals’ bases have been weighed down to ensure that they will not easily roll away. However, I would recommend you to place something against them to ensure that they stay in their position.

Reaching some of the buttons in the center might be a little difficult for people with tiny hands, but this is only a minor issue because, aside from a rewind function and the occasional boost, most games do not really demand you to actively work with other buttons.


The rim of the wheel is 11 inches or 28 cm in diameter, a fairly realistic size ensuring complete versatility and making this racing wheel suitable for all racing game styles. This allows you to experience the excitement of many racecourses and circuits, including intense F1 and Rally racing, and many other kinds of four-wheeled action in between.

If you want to experience the full effect of the realism of force feedback, it is best if you attach the item to a desk, table, or any large enough stool that you can slide in front of you. The essential ‘clamp’ has been included with the device, as expected, ensuring that you have all you need to have a good time.

Once again, the rotation angle is adjustable, allowing you to choose the ideal setup for any of your racing games. This is especially useful for people who prefer a more realistic driving experience or simply want to test out which option suits them best.

Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel is a refreshing change from the remote controls I’ve been using in the previous years. The force feedback is good and enjoyable, with exactly the right amount of resistance I am looking for without being too demanding on contact spots. Of course, driving a real car still feels different but it surely gets the realism job done.


Overall, Thrustmaster T150 is a great entry-level steering wheel. Although it is a basic wheel that is not made with premium materials, at the end of the day, it still has everything you need in a racing wheel. It has good force feedback and responsive controls which are what matters most.

The main selling point of Thrustmaster T150 is its price. Yes, Logitech G29’s pedals feel nicer and Thrustmaster T300RS is smoother, but these wheels cost a lot more than Thrustmaster T150 while providing almost the same quality of force feedback.

If you are new to sim racing games or someone who has an on and off relationship with it because of your busy schedule then this wheel is great for you. It is a reliable wheel with good force feedback that won’t break your bank. It is also very simple to use which makes it more ideal for beginners.

However, if you are a huge racing enthusiast who is spending a lot of time using a gaming wheel then we don’t really recommend this product. In that case, it’s best for you to invest in higher-end models for a more immersive and comfortable experience.

Thrustmaster T150 Review: The Conclusion

The Thrustmaster T150 is an excellent entry level racing wheel. People trying their hand at racing games who want a wheel that doesn’t break their wallet can stop looking.

It’s compatible with both PS3 and PS4 at the flick of a switch, and PC for all the gamers who want the best graphics and wider choice.

The T150’s 1080° force feedback makes your gameplay feel like reality. You can truly feel the push and pull of your car, when you lose tire grip, and the impacts of slamming into something. Between this top notch immersion and the precision that comes when playing in games like Forza or GRID, this racing wheel is a perfect fit for people breaking out in racing games.

Remember, you can read this beginners guide to sim racing to get the full lowdown.

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