Thrustmaster T818 Review: Expert Insights and Performance Breakdown

Thrustmaster has done it again with the release of their T818 gaming wheel, bringing innovation and immersive experiences to the forefront of racing simulation. As a reputable brand in the world of gaming peripherals, Thrustmaster has invested time and effort in creating a racing wheel that reflects modern technology and expert craftsmanship, promising an enjoyable and responsive racing experience for players.

At first glance, the T818 appears to be a solid device catering to both casual gamers and hard-core simulation enthusiasts. The wheel is built with robust materials designed to withstand consistent use, while the ergonomics and adaptability of the device ensure compatibility with various gaming setups. Furthermore, the T818 boasts a wide array of customisation options, allowing users to tailor their experience to suit their individual preferences.

With exceptional durability and state-of-the-art technology in terms of force feedback and precision, the Thrustmaster T818 is set to provide an unparalleled experience in the realm of racing simulators. This Thrustmaster T818 review aims to dissect the features of this gaming wheel and discuss its performance, helping potential consumers make an informed choice.

What is the Thrustmaster T818?

The Thrustmaster T818 is a high-quality racing wheel, designed for sim racing enthusiasts and gamers who value realism and immersion in their racing experience. It is compatible with multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One, providing a versatile gaming accessory for various racing titles.

Featuring a 1080-degree force feedback mechanism, the T818 offers smooth, responsive steering with plenty of resistance, allowing for more accurate and realistic input. The motor-driven force feedback system provides a sense of the road surface and car behaviour, enhancing the overall immersion.

The racing wheel boasts a robust and durable construction, with a metal frame and leather-wrapped grip, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip while racing. Its adjustable design allows customisation to suit the user’s preferences and the specific requirements of different racing titles.

For added precision and control, the T818 includes a set of three adjustable metal pedals, with brake, clutch and accelerator, all replicating the feel of a real car’s pedals. Furthermore, the wheel’s numerous buttons, paddles, and dials are intuitively placed for easy access, enabling players to make quick adjustments during the heat of a race.

In summary, the Thrustmaster T818 racing wheel provides an authentic and immersive racing experience, suitable for sim racing enthusiasts seeking a high-quality wheel for their virtual racing endeavours.

Key Features of the Thrustmaster T818

Hardware Specs

The Thrustmaster T818 is a high-quality, versatile racing wheel designed for racing enthusiasts. It features an 11-inch diameter with a realistic brushed metal finish, providing a secure grip and authentic driving experience. The wheel is equipped with 6 action buttons, a D-pad, and a 3-position rotary switch, making it convenient for players to access controls during gameplay.

In addition, the T818 includes a set of adjustable metal pedal units, which offer greater durability and precision. Both the brake and accelerator pedals have individual pressure settings, allowing users to fine-tune pedal sensitivity and resistance. The gear shifter is detachable and can be mounted on either the left or right side for a customised racing experience.

Software Compatibility

The Thrustmaster T818 is compatible with a wide range of platforms, ensuring that users can enjoy their favourite racing games with ease. Here are some compatible platforms:

  • PlayStation 3: Players can experience an immersive gaming experience with popular titles like Gran Turismo and F1 2011.
  • PlayStation 4: Users can take advantage of the T818’s compatibility with games such as Project CARS, Driveclub, and Assetto Corsa.
  • PC: The T818 works seamlessly with many racing simulators on Windows, including Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, and DiRT Rally 2.0.

Moreover, the wheel’s firmware is updatable, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with future games and platforms. To install the required drivers, users need to connect the T818 to their device via the USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions.

In summary, the Thrustmaster T818 offers an engaging and realistic racing experience through its durable hardware and broad software compatibility.

Setting Up the Thrustmaster T818

Installation Process

The Thrustmaster T818 can be easily set up by following the enclosed instructions. Firstly, unpack the device and inspect its components, ensuring everything is accounted for. Next, find a suitable surface for placing the wheel, ensuring it is secure and stable. Attach the wheel’s base to the surface using the built-in clamping mechanism.

Attach the pedals to the wheel’s base, connecting the cable to the designated port. You may also wish to adjust the pedal’s resistance to match your preferred driving experience. Once the hardware is assembled, install the drivers and software provided by Thrustmaster. Regularly check for updates to ensure optimal performance.

Pairing with Devices

When it comes to pairing the Thrustmaster T818 with your gaming devices, compatibility is straightforward. The wheel is designed to work seamlessly with platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Connect the wheel to your device using the provided USB cable, ensuring a secure connection.

For those seeking a more immersive experience on PC, specific settings within your gaming software may be adjusted to enhance force feedback, rotation angle, and overall sensitivity. Experimenting with these adjustments will help tailor the experience to your personal preferences. Always refer to the instruction manual and Thrustmaster’s support website for further guidance on device pairing and troubleshooting.

Performance of the Thrustmaster T818

In-Game Experience

The Thrustmaster T818 offers a smooth and realistic driving experience in various racing games. Its force feedback mechanism provides gamers with a high level of accuracy and precision during gameplay. The T818’s responsive and adjustable pedal set ensures that players have full control over their virtual vehicles, enabling them to take sharp turns and navigate complex tracks with ease.

The steering wheel’s 1080-degree rotation capability enhances immersion by replicating the feel of driving a real car. Moreover, the T818 is compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, allowing players to enjoy their favourite racing titles across multiple systems.


Constructed from high-quality materials, the Thrustmaster T818 is built to withstand regular usage by enthusiastic gamers. The steering wheel’s metal frame and robust components ensure its longevity and reliability. Additionally, the pedal set is made of sturdy metal and features a non-slip surface, providing players with a secure and stable footing during intensive gaming sessions.

The T818 has been rigorously tested by Thrustmaster to ensure that it can handle the demands of various racing games and all skill levels. The result is a durable and reliable racing wheel that delivers consistent performance, even after extensive use.

Comparison with Previous Models

The Thrustmaster T818, a racing wheel designed for sim enthusiasts, has multiple features that distinguish it from its predecessors. Compared to the T500 RS and the T300 RS, the T818 boasts improved force feedback, thanks to its redesigned drive system. The updated brushless servomotor delivers smoother and more precise steering, ensuring a top-of-the-line racing experience.

In addition, the T818 has a more extensive range of compatibility. While the T300 RS is compatible with PlayStation 3/4 and PCs, the T818 expands its reach to include PlayStation 5. This wider console compatibility enables players to enjoy an optimal racing simulation experience on various gaming platforms.

The T818 also excels in its pedal set, which allows for maximum configurability with both angle and height adjustments. This feature offers a great deal of flexibility, enabling users to find the perfect setup tailored to their needs. In contrast, the T300 RS and T500 RS pedal sets have fixed positions.

Another significant improvement is the T818’s more expansive wheel rotation range. With up to 1080 degrees of rotation, racers can engage in a highly immersive driving experience, replicating the sensation of driving an actual car. This is a considerable leap from the T300 RS, which offers a maximum rotation range of 900 degrees.

Lastly, the Thrustmaster T818 has a more streamlined design and sturdier build quality than the previous models. The metal components and ergonomic wheel grip make it an excellent choice for sim racers, seeking a durable and comfortable racing setup.

In summary, the Thrustmaster T818 brings numerous enhancements over the T300 RS and T500 RS models. Improvements in force feedback, compatibility, pedal set configurability, wheel rotation range, and build quality make the T818 a superior choice for racing simulation enthusiasts.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The Thrustmaster T818 offers several advantages for users seeking a high-quality racing wheel experience. Its strong force feedback provides realistic and immersive sensations, allowing for better control during races. The precision that comes with its brushless motor ensures that users have accurate steering, which is essential in racing games.

Furthermore, the T818 features an adjustable rotation angle that ranges from 270 to 1080 degrees, catering to various gaming preferences. The interchangeable components allow users to customise the wheel to their preferred ergonomics, making it comfortable for extended gaming sessions.


Despite its benefits, the Thrustmaster T818 also has some drawbacks. One significant downside is its high price tag, making it less accessible to casual gamers. Additionally, the T818 does not include pedals, which must be purchased separately. This can add to the overall cost and might deter potential buyers on a tight budget.

The T818’s large footprint may also pose a challenge for users with limited space. As a result, setting it up might require some rearrangement or even the purchase of a dedicated stand. Finally, it’s worth noting that the software for tuning the wheel settings can be unintuitive to some, especially those new to sim racing.


The Thrustmaster T818 is a competitive racing wheel that enhances the gaming experience of racing enthusiasts. Its high-quality build and advanced features make it an attractive option for those looking to improve their performance in racing simulations.

One of the strongest assets of the T818 is its solid, sturdy construction. This ensures that the wheel provides reliable feedback and remains stable even during intense gameplay. The force feedback system also offers impressive realism, with smooth, precise force effects that closely mimic real-life driving conditions.

The wide range of customisation options allows users to finetune the racing experience according to their preferences. The adjustable pedal set, for example, enables players to modify the pedal height and spacing, providing a comfortable and personalised driving setup. The wheel is compatible with various platforms, ensuring that it appeals to a diverse range of gamers.

In summary, the Thrustmaster T818 racing wheel offers a comprehensive package for racing enthusiasts, catering to their need for a realistic, immersive, and adaptable gaming experience. Its superior build quality, advanced features, and platform compatibility make it a worthy investment for those seeking to excel in the virtual racing world.

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