Playseat F1 Formula Pro Test and Review: Expert Insights on Performance and Value

In today’s world, video games, particularly sim-racing, have become a significant aspect of everyday life. As an enthusiast or a beginner, it’s crucial to know how to equip yourself correctly. The first step is learning about various cockpits available on the market before purchasing one that fits your needs. With numerous brands and models, it can be quite a challenge to make a decision.

Playseat stands tall as the leading brand in sim-racing seats, providing a fully immersive racing simulation experience. In this article, we will discuss the Playseat Formula PRO racing simulator seat. Drawing from our hands-on experience, we will delve into its specific features, pros and cons, suitability, pricing, and where to purchase it if you decide to invest in it.

Key Attributes of the Playseat Formula PRO F1

As a sim-racing enthusiast, you’ll love the Playseat Formula PRO, a special edition racing seat created for Formula 1 fans. It’s designed to be compatible with all steering wheels and pedalboards from major brands like Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. Furthermore, it works with all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and even the Wii.

The Playseat Formula PRO is a popular choice among professional sim-racers and single-seater racing drivers, some of whom contributed to its development. It’s fully adjustable to provide you with the most comfortable and ideal driving position.

Covered in high-quality, leather-look vinyl, this racing seat is built to withstand prolonged use. All components are made and finished to an exceptional standard, ensuring stability and lasting durability. The revolutionary chassis design adds an extra layer of stability and comfort during your sim-racing sessions.

The pedals on the Playseat Formula PRO have been tuned for maximum and realistic braking force. The patented ForceLock system allows for extreme forces, as well as easy adjustment of the pedals and steering wheel. With a relatively simple assembly process, you can quickly put together the seat and start racing in no time.

The seat and frame are patented, providing a unique and exclusive experience as you take on the virtual track. Its dimensions measure 140 x 88 x 58 cm, and the whole setup weighs 29 kg.

For Whom Is This Suitable?

The Playseat Formula PRO is a high-end model, making it an ideal choice for regular or well-versed sim-racers. It was created specifically with F1 enthusiasts in mind, but beginners can also benefit from this impressive cockpit if they can afford it.

To enjoy the Playseat Formula PRO, you need to meet these criteria:

  • Your height should be within the range of 120 cm to 220 cm.
  • Your weight should be between 20 kg and 122 kg.

What sets this racing simulator seat apart is its adjustability, making it inclusive for all ages. It is not just for adult sim-racers; even younger enthusiasts can take advantage of its features. This versatility ensures that the whole family can revel in the excitement of sim-racing together.

Its Advantages

One significant benefit of the Playseat Formula PRO is its exceptional comfort. You can enjoy hours of gameplay without discomfort or strain, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Compatibility with major brands such as Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster provides a significant advantage over other models. This compatibility ensures a wide variety of high-quality accessories available for use.

The seat position and structure closely resemble the driving position of professional race car drivers, enhancing the realism of your gaming. Renowned racing drivers like Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have tested and approved the Playseat Formula PRO, making it an excellent choice for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Customization features include double adjustment of the steering wheel’s inclination, as well as the position and distance of the pedals. This flexibility allows you to find the optimal position for your body type, ensuring maximum comfort. Furthermore, the footrest size is perfect for driving.

The Playseat Formula PRO showcases impeccable workmanship and high-quality finishes, contributing to a long-lasting product life. Its attractive design, leatherette seat, and Formula 1 aesthetics make it one of the best-looking racing simulation seats available.

Assembling and installing the Playseat Formula PRO is straightforward, as is configuring it with major steering wheel brands such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitech.

The Drawbacks

One of the main concerns with the Playseat Formula PRO is, unfortunately, its high cost. While its premium price reflects its quality, it may be difficult for many players to justify spending €1,200 on a racing seat.

Additionally, the Playseat Formula PRO is quite large. With dimensions of 140 x 50 x 88 cm and a weight of nearly 30 kg, the seat is sizeable, hefty, and challenging to relocate once assembled. It also lacks a foldable design for space-saving purposes, unlike the Playseat Challenge model from the same brand.

For some users, having the support axis of the gearshift situated between their legs might cause discomfort during gameplay. However, this preference varies and may not affect the majority of players.

The seatback inclination is predetermined by the manufacturer, and the steering wheel support may pose issues for certain individuals. It’s recommended to test the seat to see if it suits your needs and comfort level.

Lastly, despite the seat’s high price, neither head protection nor safety harnesses are included with the Playseat Formula PRO purchase. To acquire these accessories, you’ll need to allocate additional funds.

Locating and Pricing Options

The Playseat Formula PRO can be found at its original price of €1,330, but keep an eye out for occasional discounts, particularly on Amazon. You may also come across deals on second-hand platforms; however, exercise caution if deciding against purchasing a new one.

Finishing Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Sim-racing enthusiasts constantly seek that authentic racing sensation. Therefore, the selection of a suitable seat is crucial. The Playseat Formula PRO excels in delivering an astoundingly lifelike gaming experience, allowing you to feel the thrill similar to a real racer on the track.

Moreover, this model’s comfort and adaptability cater to fans of various racing styles, ensuring your enjoyment for extended gaming sessions. If your budget allows, investing in this cockpit is a wise decision. Indeed, the Playseat Formula PRO is among the leading racing simulation seats available today.

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