Logitech G923 Review: Trueforce Racing Wheel

At Total Sim Racing, we love the excitement of a product release. Not only does this mean there’s something new to test, but it also means that there’s a new, shiny rival in town to our current setups. Today, we have the Logitech G923 Review.

However, this excitement was a little subdued when I saw the new steering wheel, the Logitech G923. They haven’t really changed anything, at all, in terms of the design. If you picture a cross-over of the G920 up against the G29, you will reach the visual conclusion of the G923.

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals, TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch Control, Genuine Leather Wheel Cover, for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC - Black

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  • TRUEFORCE: Next-gen TRUEFORCE technology connects to game engines for high-definition feedback; experience the ultimate driving experience with processing at 4000 times per second
  • PROGRAMMABLE DUAL CLUTCH: Get off the starting line cleaner and faster; a programmable dual clutch simulates real race car launch assist right from the controller, when playing supported games
  • CONTROL YOUR GAME: Fine-tune your speed with a built-in LED RPM indicator; integrated Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or PC game controls, a 24-point selector and progressive brake spring keep steering under control
  • PREMIUM RACING DESIGN: Refreshed Logitech G gear design includes premium materials like a hand-stitched black leather wheel cover and polished metal pedals; experience the pleasure of driving at home
  • ON-WHEEL GAME CONTROLS: Take charge of wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels and simulated steering; Logitech G Hub Gaming software enable button customisation right from the controller

In one way, you could suggest that the G29 and the G920 were really successful wheels, so if the designs are not broken, don’t fix them. However, the G29 was released in early 2015 and it’s starting to show its age.

Logitech hasn’t released this wheel without reason, and the G923 comes with many additional components such as the Trueforce force feedback feature.

Trueforce Force Feedback Technology

Logitech has given their new wheel vibration technology the name Trueforce. According to them, this force feedback technology is completely new, with a new internal design and new gear-driven motors. Trueforce system is intended to simulate the vibrations you would experience in a car as if you were actually driving it in real life.

The idea is to make your sim racing experience more immersive by allowing you to have a stronger connection to the virtual car you’re driving. It claims to produce higher fidelity, real-time responses that will allow you to feel every hairpin turn, gravel crunching, and pistons pumping through the improved in-game simulation engines, which can possibly lead to better lap times. If you’ll ask me if this is true, my answer would be both yes and no.

What is Thrustmaster Trueforce

The force feedback system of the original Logitech G29 would only allow you to feel the connection between the road and your car’s tires. The feedback can only depict the road bumps and the traction of your car on the surface of the road.

Now with Trueforce, you will still get the same force feedback for G923 but there is an added feature which is a feeling of vibration you can get through the wheel rim. The design of G923 is specifically made to use in-game audio and physics to provide the wheel with extra vibration.

It will transform the engine audio and game physics into vibrations with varying intensity. To put it simply, stronger game physics and louder engines will translate into stronger wheel vibrations.

When racing, these vibrations are easily recognizable however it does not always feel good and natural. Sometimes, the vibrations can be too much and can even make your palms numb. In other cases, it can even interfere with the actual force feedback.

To be fair, there are also some instances where Trueforce technology works great. The vibrations it provides, in instances where it is not overdone, give notable realistic details that can certainly elevate your gaming experience.

Progressive Brake Pedal

Apart from the slightly altered Logitech logo that sits right under the pedals, the look of G923 is almost identical to the previous pedal set. The design, construction, and positioning of the three pedals are all the same as the old pedal set. This is great for people who have already perfected their heel and toe technique using the old model because they won’t have to adjust to new pedal positions.

Logitech G923 Wheel and pedals

Although the appearance of the pedal is similar to the previous ones, Logitech claims that the pedal technology has been updated to provide smoother potentiometer pedals. Logitech had been using the same pedal technology for all their products before, but with Logitech G923, they have spent some time improving the fluidity of the two-step brake pedal.

Logitech G923 has a progressive spring instead of the usual rubber stopper found on previous models. This progressive spring mimics the performance of a pressure-sensitive brake system by improving the sensitivity and accuracy of the pedals. Cold-rolled steel is also used for the pedal frames and arms, with brushed stainless steel for the pedal face.

When you closely compare G923’s brake pedal to the previous ones, you will notice a small difference in the smoothness of its movement range. However, only the people with the goal of comparing the two will notice this difference. The majority of racers would not be able to tell the difference between the two pedals so I do not really consider this as a significant improvement in terms of quality or performance.

Steering Wheel Design

The flappy paddles are exactly the same on the G923. The wheel motors of Logitech G923, just like the previous models, are also made of anodized aluminum, which gives them a durable, corrosion-resistant, and stylish finish. Hand-stitched leather is still used to cover the wheel. This wheel also has a blue aluminum strip that marks the top center. This combination of materials makes the racing wheel incredible to grip.

Logitech G923 Review Wheel Design

A 24-point selection dial built into the racing wheel will also let you adjust many settings according to your preferences including the brake force, traction, and torque. The positioning of the buttons is also very pleasant.

Logitech G923 is available in two versions. Both are compatible with PC, one with Xbox controls for the Xbox series and the other with PlayStation controls. On the previous models, there were a few differences in buttons with the two versions both lacking a rotary dial and shift lights.

But now, only the buttons specific to the console at the bottom are different, the rest of the layout is the same on both models. A colored LED rev indicator also sits on the steering wheel, displaying your RPM range if you are playing supported games.

The programmable dual-clutch launch controls are also located on the wheel. By reducing smoke and giving you more control over your traction, you can get off the starting line cleaner and faster.  However, keep in mind that you will need to manually set up key bindings before you can use this feature.

Closed-Loop Motor Control

Logitech G923’s advanced firmware tracks all current flowing through the wheel motors, continuously adjusting voltage to match outputs from game physics. G923 provides greater accuracy for more realism by going beyond normal settings.


The ease of setup is one factor that has improved significantly throughout time. But that’s primarily due to modern operating systems, which include built-in or automatic driver downloads that eliminate the need for you to download any third-party drivers or software.

Logitech G923 was immediately recognized by Windows 10 and was also easily detected by many games that supported the model after plugging it in.

Trueforce support is one of its key toggles. Users can enable this using the Logitech gaming software even if the games do not support it natively, however, it won’t be as optimized as the supported games.

The device also needs a power supply, which is connected to the wheel, due to its extensive force-feedback support. The connection from the pedal base, and the USB cable to the PC or console, are among the other cables needed. This requires a layout design because the three cords can quickly tangle with one another, especially when placing or moving the wheel between your storage and gaming station.

G Hub Customization

With the savvy Logitech G Hub Software in your computer, you can take complete control of your setup and alter force feedback levels, wheel sensitivity, and button customization. G Hub also allows you to create several profiles for any game or program at the same time. This hub gaming software is readily available for download in Logitech G for free.

Device Compatibility

As previously mentioned, Logitech G923 racing wheels are available in two versions just like the previous generation of Logitech racing wheels. These versions are the PS4 and PC compatible wheel and the Xbox compatible wheel.

Both of these versions use the same naming convention and have the same appearance. This may cause some confusion among people who wants to purchase the new G923. Therefore, you should be careful in buying because it will definitely give you a few problems if you will get the wrong version.

Apart from its two versions, the Logitech G923 racing wheel’s compatibility is similar to that of the G29. Although the Trueforce technology is not completely supported yet, this racing wheel will operate in all sim racing games available.

Logitech G923 racing wheel is also compatible with Xbox’s new generation, the Xbox Series X. We don’t know yet if the PS5 will support this racing wheel, but we’d be surprised if it doesn’t.

This new racing wheel is also totally compatible with the Logitech shifter if you already own one. You can link these devices together. It will function right out of the box if you install the shifter in the same way you did with your G29.


If you switch directly from a G29 to a G923, you might think that it is a bit of a waste of time. In most games that do not support Trueforce like Forza Horizon, there isn’t really a big difference between the two.

Obviously, the new controls, rev lights, and the improved brake pedal are good. The new pedal makes it easier to apply the proper amount of force without injuring your foot or wasting your time dealing with the brake settings. However, at the end of the day, it is still just a gear-driven wheel so force feedback is decent but still inferior compared to direct drive wheels.

Since the two motors in the internals are the same as the previous models, the force feedback also feels the same. And while it can be a little notchy at times, the wheel still feels high-quality because of the stitched leather used compared to the plastic ones you can find on some entry-level wheels.

It is only when you play games that support TrueForce that you’ll notice the difference. For instance, Grid 2019 has an entirely different feedback system than, say, Forza Horizon. When you are waiting for a race to start, you can feel the engine idle through the wheel, and there’s just a tangible general difference in how you can feel things.

Price and Availability

On the official website of Logitech, the price of the Logitech G923 racing wheel is $399.99. This is also the price G29 and G920, however, at the time of this review, the two latter models were discounted to $249.99, making G923 significantly more expensive than the two.

The G923 is available directly from Logitech, however, you might be able to purchase it cheaper elsewhere, such as Currys or Amazon in the UK, where you can buy it for as low as £300.

What isn’t so great about Logitech G923?

The major drawback of the device is the very limited titles that fully support Trueforce. Without Trueforce, the wheel automatically reverts to standard force feedback which is basically the same as driving a G29 or G920.

Additionally, G923 lacks a handbrake input. Ideally, the Logitech G923 package should include a handbrake and a Driving Force Shifter. However, the former is not available, while the latter will cost you an additional $50.

What Sim Racing Games are TrueForce compatible with?

Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally 2.0, GRID (2019), Monster Truck Championship, Project Cars 3, and Showrunner are all fully compatible and support the Trueforce functionality in both of the G293’s versions. Additional titles that are only available in PS4/PC version are the Automobilista 2, and iRacing, while Gran Turismo Sport, is also supported by the Xbox version.

Is it worth buying Logitech G923?

Logitech G923 racing wheel is a device that is geared primarily towards the entry-level market. So, even if experienced players like me might find it a little bit disappointing, it is still a good product for its target market.

If you are a person who does not currently own a racing wheel but is planning on getting into sim racing, then G923 is a good product for you. It’s one of the top affordable racing wheels on the market, with a complete plug-and-play setup. It also has great compatibility with next-generation consoles like Xbox Series X and PS5 so you can never really go wrong in buying it.

The main disadvantage of this model is its price. As mentioned above, it is currently priced at $399 which can be considered expensive when compared to other budget wheels. Thrustmaster, for example, sells a much cheaper wheel for only roughly $100 less.

However, this racing wheel, unlike certain Thrustmaster wheels, exudes extra quality in both construction and design. These features joined with excellent console and game support are the reason why we still recommend this racing wheel to new sim racers.

Should I upgrade to Logitech G923?

If you already own Logitech G29 or G290, we do not really recommend you to upgrade. Again, G923 is very similar to these models. The difference it offers is not even noticeable unless you play a game that supports Trueforce which is very limited at the moment.

Trueforce force feedback technology is good and does really add an extra layer of realism, but it is also far from revolutionizing Logitech’s racing wheel proposition. If you already have a fully functional G29, don’t bother upgrading to the G923.

Logitech G923 Review: Conclusion

The Logitech G923 holds an interesting position in the market because it is less expensive than the kits that most avid sim enthusiasts will prefer such as Thrustmaster T-GT or Fanatec CSL Elite, but also more expensive than the usual entry-level models such as the Thrustmaster T150 or anything sold by Hori.

We are discussing an entry-level racing wheel here, so if you’re already a seasoned sim racer who have tried the more expensive wheels, particularly the superior range of Direct Drive or belt wheels, this new version of the Logitech G293 won’t provide you with any sensations you haven’t had before.

However, if you consider the features offered by Logitech G923 and its overall build quality, this is definitely on the shortlist of the best entry-level wheels in recent years. It is a great set-up that provides good value for money. It is more expensive than others, but if you have money to spend, it is a safe bet that will not let you down.

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